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Festivals in Germany


Rhine in Flames Germany

Germany is a prosperous nation which has a rich and vivid history. Germany has many divergent communities and cultures and thus many festivals are celebrated all around the country. Germany celebrates many festivals that are limited to individual cities, thus making it a varied and distinctive nation. Although, a lot of similarities can be traced in the all the cities and people do share a lot among each other, there are rich individual histories related to stories of people in small towns. Germany also has festivals that are celebrated nationwide and are celebrated in mostly a similar fashion by all the people of Germany.



Oktoberfest in Germany

Oktoberfest is one of the most significant festivals in Germany. It is possibly one of the world’s biggest festivals that are celebrated in Germany and only a few other places. It is a very long running festival and often lasts up to 2 weeks or so. It has an enormous attendance, in millions every year and is celebrated by many enthusiastic tourists from other countries.
Oktoberfest is known worldwide for being the festival where people drink a lot of different kinds of beer and huge amounts of beer is consumed during this fair. Many other ways of amusement are also available including rides and games. A lot of traditional and foreign delicacies are also prepared and consumed during the Oktoberfest, mostly the ones that are involved in everyday German diet.

Theatre fests

Countless Theatre fests also take place in Germany. Theatrical pieces of many eras are performed on hundreds of stages and many people participate to large audiences. Few of these festivals go for a few days at an end. Besides plays written in German, plays in foreign languages are also performed. There are also a vast amount of musicals that are performed during these festivals.


Theatre Fests in Germany

Several prominent film festivals also take place in Germany. Many upcoming movies and other movies of great remark and respect are screened here. Many celebrities from industries across the world come to attend this festival. Because of the massive amount of exposure, this festival has received over the years, the Berlin Film Festival has an audience of well over 100 nations across the world and many esteemed film makers from around the world visit it every year.